Domestic Recruitment Services (Within India)

Domestic Recruitment Services (Within India)

Hailing from one of the largest manpower talent pools in the world and considering immense employment opportunities available in India, we have diversified into domestic placement services also.

With our excellent networking and a sound data bank of approximately 10,000 potential candidates from various categories ( like candidates for Design, Engineering, Project Management and Construction Personnel, Engineers, Accountants, Purchase Officers, Production Managers in industries like Air Conditioning, Automobile, Construction, Heavy Engineering, Garments & FMCG Sector, Shipping & Marine, Oil & Gas and Power Plant etc), we have an access to an astonishing number of job seekers.

Screening, Selecting and Shortlisting:
As we are well versed with the business operations and industrial requirements of various sectors, we conduct the screening tests of the potential candidates in a highly professional manner. Duly assisted by industry specialists and HR professionals, we can also conduct the selection round, choosing the right candidate for the vacancy and saving significant time at your end.

Arranging for Schedule Interviewing:
After the candidate has been short listed at our end and is ready to face the interview, we schedule the same with candidate, as per mutual convenience of both the parties. This ensures that the candidate reaches the place, anywhere in the subcontinent, in time.

Our Assurance and Policies:

  • We guarantee free replacement of any candidate, if he quits the job within 3 months of joining.
  • Our Service Charge is 8.33% (For Junior Levels), 10% (For Middle Levels) and 12.5% (For Senior Levels), of annual gross salary + service tax, payable on receipt of employment letter.

Employment Databank Registration Service for Candidates:
We provide employment Databank Registration for Candidates with taking service charge for 3 months/6 months/ 1 Year. You will be alerted by calls with availability of relevant jobs.